Patrick Bourdeau
Patrick Jacques Bourdeau
Unité de Dermatologie/ Parasitologie/ Mycologie
Ecole National Vétérinaire de Nantes
Oniris – site la chantrerie – Atlanpole – Route de Gachet
CS 40706 – 44307 Nantes Cedex 03 – France

Patrick BOURDEAU graduated in Maisons-Alfort Veterinary School (France) where he obtained his DVM thesis, then PHD (zoology/ecotoxicology), Agregation in Veterinary Parasitology, and diploma in Mycology (Pasteur Institute). He moved then as full professor to veterinary school in Nantes (part of ONIRIS institute in University of Nantes).

He is currently head of the Unit of Parasitology/Dermatology/Mycology in the department of clinical sciences and head of the clinics of Veterinary Dermatology (first opinion and specialized), otology, exotics and preventive medicine in travelling dogs in the veterinary teaching hospital of ONIRIS.

He is director of the laboratory of diagnosis in veterinary mycology and dermatology, parasitology/vector borne diseases in companion animals and horses.

He is diplomate of European colleges of Veterinary Parasitology (EVPC) and Veterinary Dermatology (ECVD).

He is member of french societies of Parasitology and Mycology (SFP-SFM), World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology (WAAVP) and associations in Veterinary Dermatology (ESVD, AAVD).

He is a founding member of Leishvet and CVBD (Companion Vector borne diseases) groups.

His areas of interest and research in Veterinary Parasitology are mainly oriented on ectoparasites; parasitic diseases (companion animals, horses, exotics/zoo animals) on clinical, diagnostic and zoonotic aspects; vectorial borne diseases and particularily canine leishmaniosis; epidemiology of parasitic diseases. Other domains are veterinary mycology, skin biology, host ectoparasites relationships and allergology.