Novel Areas for Prevention and Control of Canine Leishmaniosis


Miró G, Petersen Ch, Cardoso L, Bourdeau P, Baneth G, Solano-Gallego L, Pennisi MG, Ferrer Ll, Oliva G
(Trends in Pararasitology 33(9): 718-730. 2017)


There have been multiple recent advances regarding tools for the control and prevention of canine leishmaniosis (CanL), including new preventative vaccines. In this review, these advances are evaluated based on control targets, including vector and parasite. Leishvet recommendations are provided for control practices based on the dog’s risk of infection. New topical insecticide formulations have proven to be effective in preventing sand fly bites, and subsequently infection. Parasite control occurs through chemotherapeutic or immunologic means, which decrease or prevent transmission to other animals, including humans. Leishmaniosis control programs that include a combination of coordinated measures, either in individuals or for prevention across reservoir populations, are required.


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