Etiology and

Feline Leishmania infections have been observed all over the world and are caused by endemic species also infecting humans and other animals in those areas…
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Clinical signs


Feline leishmaniosis is a chronic disease with the most common clinical signs and clinicopathological abnormalities similar to those found in dogs…
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To confirm diagnosis, a quantitative serological test or Western blot should be performed in sera from cats with risk of exposure to Leishmania infection and clinical signs or…
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Therapy, Monitoring and Prognosis

There are no published controlled studies of FeL therapy. In the absence of evidence indicating otherwise, empirical treatment giving…
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It is advised to protect individual cats from the risk of developing infection and clinical disease. Feline population to improve the control of…
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Key Points

Leishmania infantum is most likely transmitted to cats by sand flies although blood transfusion may be a non-vectorial route of transmission…
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