Current treatment protocols for CanL

Meglumine antimoniate (a) 100 mg/kg SC, SID or divided in two doses, for 4-6 weeks (initial reduced dosages for 2-3 days may be useful to detect any adverse events) (b) Potential nephrotoxicity
Pain and inflammation at injection site*
Miltefosine (a) 2 mg/kg PO, once a day for 28 days Disorexia
Allopurinol 10 mg/kg PO, twice a day for at least 6-12 months (depending on the staging and the tolerance) Xanthine urolithiasis
Renal mineralization
Domperidone (c) 0,5 mg/kg PO, once a day for 1 month Galactorrhea
Dietary nucleotides with AHCC (c) Following manufacturer instructions PO, 6-12 months  

PO: per os; SC: subcutaneous

(a) Registered for veterinary use in most European countries; both therapies are recommended in combination with allopurinol.
(b) There is a limited number of studies on optimal treatment regimen.
Recommended dosages off-label but according to pharmacokinetic and clinical studies in dogs.
Treatment maybe extended by 2-3 weeks in patients stages II and III (without CKD) and with severe clinical picture or laboratory abnormalities.
(c) To be considered as monotherapy only for stage I.

* Injections should be administered in different skin sites.
** To reduce side effect administered always with food.
*** Monitoring side effects with urinalysis and abdominal ultrasound is recommended periodically.


Disclaimer: Information given here on drugs and dosages are based on a consensus of clinical and scientific experience by the LeishVet members. These recommendations have been published in scientific peer-reviewed scientific journals. Veterinary practitioners are requested to check with product leaflets and product registrations in their related country prior to any product selection and initiation of treatment.