A first vaccine based on adjuvanted purified excreted/secreted antigens of L. infantum was initially licensed in Europe in 2011. This vaccine contained a saponin adjuvant. Currently it is not commercially available.

The only currently available vaccine in Europe contains the active substance “protein Q”, a recombinant protein containing five different antigens from L. infantum without an additional adjuvant. First vaccination is a single injection. Booster injections are given annually.

The vaccine available in Europe can only be injected to healthy quantitatively seronegative dogs of 6 months of age or older. Vaccine does not prevent infection, but does alter disease progression and probability of progression to clinically overt disease.

Anti-Leishmania available vaccines

Commercial name (manufacturer) Composition Availability Vaccine protocol Primary outcome Vaccine efficacy Diagnostic interference associated w/vaccine
  Antigen Adjuvant          
Leish-Tec® (Ceva Santé Animale) A2 Saponin Brazil Three primary vaccination doses (SC), 21-day intervals; one annual booster Parasite detection 71.4% No detection of vaccinal antibodies with official ELISA*
Letifend® (Leti Pharma laboratories) Q-protein None Europe One primary vaccination dose (SC); one annual booster Clinical disease 72% No detection of vaccinal antibodies by quantitative tests (IFAT, ELISA) or Serology rapid tests

*Elicited antibodies against A2 protein are not detected by official serological tests employed in Brazil.