Alexander Koutinas
Alexander F. Koutinas

Dr. A. F. Koutinas is a recently retired Professor of Companion Animal Medicine (1999 – 2011) at the Department of Clinical Studies (Veterinary Faculty, AUTh, Greece), which he first joined in 1974.

He was head of the Companion Animal Clinic (Medicine) for 11 years (1997 – 2008). He did a one-year formal residency in Small Animal Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, USA (1981-1982) and a 5–month postgraduate training course in Veterinary Dermatology at Cornell University USA (1991).

He is a diplomate of ECVD and full member of ESVD (2004) and ICADA (2011). He was the supervisor of 3 ECVD – dermatology residents (greek vets), two of which have already become board-certified diplomates. Dr. Koutinas was the mentor of 11 Doctoral (PhD) candidates, all with a successful outcome.

He is also a founding member of both the Leishvet (2006) and the Hellenic Society of Veterinary Dermatology (2004), and was president of the Companion Animal branch of the HVMS (2009 – 2012).

Recently, he has been elected as a member of WSAVA’s Advisory Scientific Committee. Dr. Koutinas has published and lectured extensively on a scientific and continuing education level in Greece, Europe and overseas.

His research interests are focused on canine leishmaniosis, ehrlichiosis and spirocercosis, allergic skin diseases of the dog and cat and canine non-inflammatory alopecias.