Patrick Bourdeau
Patrick Jacques Bourdeau
Date of Birth:
September 3rd, 1953, Paris, France
Recent Position:
Full Professor
Head of Unit and Clinics of Parasitology /Dermatology /Mycology.
Department of clinical Sciences
School of Veterinary Medicine – ONIRIS : University of Nantes
Atlanpole – La Chantrerie BP 40706 – 44307 NANTES Cedex 03 – France
Current Position:
Recently retired (Dec. 2020) – Private consulting activity

1978   Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)(Laureate)
Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort. University Creteil France

1979   Certified in Human and Veterinary Parasitology – Creteil

1988   PhD. Orsay University. (Zoology/Ecotoxicology)

1989   National Agregation : Veterinary Parasitology, Mycology and Applied Zoology

1990   Certified in Mycology : Pasteur Institute – Paris

1993   Diplomate or European college of Veterinary Dermatology

2004   Diplomate of European Veterinary College of Parasitology

1978 – 1990   Assistant then Associate Professor of Parasitology in Maisons Alfort France

1990 – 2002   Full Professor of Parasitology Veterinary School of Nantes France

2002 – 2020   Head of Unit of Clinical Parasitology/Dermatology/Mycology

1989 – 1998   Responsible of specialized dermatology clinics in Veterinary school Maisons-Alfort

2000 – 2020   Head of Laboratory of analysis in Parasitology/Mycology Veterinary school of Nantes (founding member of Laboniris)

1990 – 2020   Head of clinics in veterinary dermatology (Veterinary school Hospital)
(Companion animals, Exotics, equine, Large animals)

1992 – 1994   Coordinator of clinics of Veterinary School of Nantes

1990 – 2000   Head of clinics and training in veterinary Dermatology

1990 – 2014   Co coordinator then coordinator of the French certificate (CES) of Veterinary Dermatology

2000 – 2020   Director of the residency program (formalized) in veterinary Dermatology

2003 – 2020   Director of the National Diploma of specialization (DESV) in Veterinary Dermatology

1990 – 2018   Responsible of Zoo, Laboratory and exotics animals clinics and training

1985 – 2019   Lecturer in diploma in animal experimentation in Maisons-Alfort

1994 – 2020   Lecturer in training on animal experimentation in Veterinary school of Nantes

1983 – 2021   Lecturer in course on Venomous Animals (section arthropods and section marine fauna) National Museum of Natural History – Paris

Prof. Dr Patrick Bourdeau graduated in Maisons-Alfort / France. He was assistant then associate professor in the Parasitology Service in Maisons-Alfort before to move to Veterinary school of Nantes in 1990. He passed the Agregation in Veterinary Parasitology. His is also Certified in Human and Veterinary Parasitology, Medical Mycology from Pasteur Institute ; Paris and Doctor in Zoology/Ecotoxicology (PhD). He became one of the first Diplomates of the European College of Veterinary Dermatology in 1993 and initiated the concept of the European College of Veterinary Parasitology in 1998 (finalized 2003). He was temporarily a board member in these two colleges.

Until December 2020 he was Professor of Dermatology and Parasitology in Veterinary School of Nantes (now a part of Oniris) and, since 2000, head of the corresponding Unit for the Dermatology, Parasitology, Mycology including the clinics and included in the department of Clinical Sciences. He developed also a laboratory of diagnosis on these domains and particularly Veterinary Mycology. He developed the first course in Dermatology and clinics dedicated to Veterinary Dermatology in Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort in 1989, where he maintained this activity until 1998, and simultaneously developed this domain in the Veterinary School of Nantes since 1991. He participated then was the coordinator of the French certificate of dermatology and managed the National diploma of specialization.

Dr. Bourdeau participated to multiple international congresses in the fields of Veterinary Dermatology, Parasitology and Mycology and was invited as lecturer in World and International congresses and workshops in these domains as well. He is one of the founding members of the Leishvet Group.

Dr Bourdeau is author or co-author of over 200 publications (research, review, education) or book chapters and over than 400 short communications or lectures to international congresses or workshops. His interest is particularly developed in (Ecto)parasites (fleas, ticks, mites and new pathogens) and relationship with allergy or skin interface, internal parasites of companion animals and horses, and vectorial or zoonotic parasitic or fungal infections. He developed his interested in Canine Leishmaniosis (epidemiology, clinics, diagnosis and therapy) since 1983.

Dr Bourdeau also developed other domains related to the qualification in applied zoology. The first one was the development of training and clinics for Zoo, Laboratory and exotic animals and the second was, for a long period in parallel to his primary occupation, research in marine biology.

1980 – present   Member of the French society of Parasitology

1980 – present   Member of the French society of Mycology

1987 – present   Full member of the American Association for Veterinary Dermatology

1992 – 2008    Member of the French society of Herpetology

1992 – 1993    Expert to the European Union (fish resources)

1993 – present   Full member of European society of Veterinary Dermatology

1995 – present   Member of European confederation of Medical Mycology (ECMM)

1997 and 2004    Organizer, of Workshops of ECVD-ESVD (clinical pathology)

1997 – present   Member of the World Association for the advancement of Veterinary Parasitology

1998 – 2000    Member of the board of ECVD

2004 – 2015    Member of Natural Sciences Society of West of France

2004 – 2008    Member of International Society of Toxicology

2005 – present   Member of the CVBD group

2011 – 2013 (2018-2020)   National representative of European colleges at EBVS

2013 – 2015    Member of the Board of European Veterinary Parasitology College

2014 – 2015    Expert to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on Leishmaniosis