ALIVE. Animal Leishmaniosis International Veterinary Event
Malaga, Spain
March 31st-April 2nd, 2022


  1. To share novel research and discoveries on leishmaniosis and to provide a setting to exchange ideas from attendees worldwide
  2. To open a forum for individuals and organizations in both public and private sectors (One Health professionals: veterinarians, physicians, biologists, public health authorities)
  3. To promote multi-disciplinary interactions from basic research to translational clinical or environmental settings
  4. To promote a place for deep discussions on solving the problems of animal leishmaniosis
  5. To foster international collaboration, industrial participation and training for One Health professionals

Two streams will be organized:

  1. Clinical practice oriented stream
  2. Research oriented stream

ALIVE congress topics will include the following subjects from companion animals to wildlife

  • Epidemiology: vectorial and non-vectorial transmission, Leishmania geographic distribution, infectiousness, etc.
  • Basic to clinical immunology.
  • Genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics of leishmaniosis, susceptibility and resistance to infection and disease.
  • Pathogenesis.
  • Clinical and diagnostic aspects.
  • Treatment, prognosis and monitoring: old and new treatments, drug resistance, drug development, immunotherapy, new monitoring and prognostic tests.
  • Preventative tools: targeting phlebotomine sand flies, host immune response (vaccines, immunomodulators), etc.

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